At the Gym Working Out Hard


It was empty in the weight room except for she and I. I was glad to have her for myself, as I couldn’t believe what she was wearing—a sports bra so transparent you could see her nipples. Below she wore light coloured, very tight tights, and though you couldn’t see through them you could see every curve, crease, and the crevices of her vulva and between her buttocks.

The gap between her thighs was substantial. I fantasized inserting my hand, cupping her pussy, and treating her to rhythmic squeezes any girl would love.

What possessed her to dress like that and come to the gym, a primarily male domain, in a fuck me outfit, not that I was complaining. We were painfully aware of each other, at least it was painful to me for in my imagination she was naked. I wanted her so bad I could taste her.

Then the bitch… That’s mean. I really shouldn’t call her that. She’s probably a nice girl. Yes, she was under-dressed (undressed to me), and she had to be aware she would get stared at. I’m convinced she liked teasing. But mostly, though she knew her body was sexy and wanted to show it off, she mostly came to the gym to exercise like the rest of us, not to get fucked in in the minds of men.

Anyway, as I started to say, then the bitch began exercising on the ab machine. It more than I could stand. I’ll paint you a picture.

The ab machine is a sloped padded bench upon which you rest your thighs. The backs of your feet hook behind padded supports. I imagined tying her feet to them so she couldn’t get away. You bend at the the tops of your legs, below your hips, and you start with your head almost touching the floor. Then you use your abs and the muscles at your lower back to repeatedly lift your torso into the air as high as you can go.

Many people cross their arms over their chests when they lift, but others, including this girl, crossed her hands behind her neck thus thrusting out her breasts (and barely covered nipples) in a blatantly sexual display. Note: This was after she sat on the leg machine, spreading her legs wide to strengthen her thighs.

On each rep the girl raised up and offered her breasts that in no way need of a bra for support. Then she would lower and rest, her buttocks at the apex, presented for whatever one might imagine doing to her.

I tied her feet to the ab machine wishing only that I could spread her legs farther before securing them. I tied her wrists to the front of the heavy apparatus as she squealed in protest and fear at what I was going to do to her.

I stepped behind her, straddling her legs, and I pulled her tights and panties down her thighs to her feet. I hadn’t known she was wearing panties as they were seamless.

“Don’t! Don’t! Let me go!” she protested as I pulled her bra over her head and down her arms revealing her breasts and nipples in all their glory, nipples erect from her exercises.

Soon her anger turned to tears, and she began to cry. “Don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

Her begging hardened my cock to a curved ingot of iron. Being in her and not coming would be a challenge but one I was ready to accept.

Her buttocks were raised and presented, her feet fastened with her legs spread enough to allow access but closed enough so she would remain tight while I fucked her. Her wrists were fastened, her breasts were bare, nipples within reach of my fingers. Entering her would be exquisite.

Of course this girl wasn’t as undressed as the girl in the photo above. And of course I didn’t really tie her to the ab machine and fuck her as I tweaked her nipples. But I did fantasize all this as I stretched. And though I didn’t have a full blown erection I did firm up significantly.

I watched the girl out of the corners of my eyes, and I saw her staring hungrily at my cock, the size and shape of which showed as clearly as her nipples through my spandex shorts. I fantasized spanking her for being naughty, but instead I went home and fucked her in my mind and came with globs of cum spurting onto my chest.

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