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FEMEN Official Photograph

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, was founded in 1980 and became famous for its tactic of getting attention by using nude protest and advertising.

I noticed and wondered if the PETA tactic was effective or if the women showing themselves naked to get support for their cause was misguided. Perhaps it was the cause itself that gave me doubts. It isn’t that mistreatment of animals is trivial, but with all the abuse of people—rape, murder, torture, war, genocide—I tended to dismiss PETA as fighting for a cause that was down the list of important issues. Also, I wondered if the women showing themselves naked were not only sincere about their cause, something of which I had no  doubt, but if part of their motivation was exhibitionism. I apologize for my doubts, which are offensive.

Of FEMEN, on the other hand, I never had doubts. It was founded in Ukraine in 2008 and fights against sex tourism, prostitution, abuse of women, and the status of women in general.

I must say that when I first noticed FEMEN it was because of photos of its naked protesters, but it soon became obvious that the causes for which FEMEN struggles are not trivial, and the women who expose themselves to get attention to fight for their beliefs are courageous and must not be denigrated. As such, I include only a single photo, that above, which is the official photo of the organization. If you wish to see bare-breasted photos of strong, angry, and gorgeous women who are willing to debase themselves, if that’s what it is, to fight for their cause, then google “femen protests.” But I hope that you, as I, will come to understand and support FEMEN and its members who courageously sacrifice their privacy for their beliefs.

With my greatest respect,


Slave Girl Paintings, Pornography And Art

April 14, 2012 9 comments

With digital cameras and willing models, who seem to be in plentiful supply, anyone can be an artist, and images of scenes that tickle our fancies, whatever forms those fancies take, are readily available. But oh how much more difficult it was in times past to create these  image. One had to be really be an artist.

In the nineteenth century there was an art movement called Orientalism. It depicted life, real or imagined, in what looks to be Southern Europe, such as the slave markets of ancient Rome, or the Near East. There were several painters—Jean-Léon Gérôme, Giulio Rosati, et. al.—who specialized in this work. Following are examples for your pleasure and edification.

Slave Painting by Otto Pilny (Swiss, 1866-1936)

In the painting above, the desert tribesmen are enjoying a smoke when two slave girls are brought into camp and held by men sporting leering grins.

Slave Girl by Ansen Hofmann

I love the little blush of hair, and I note the girl—well, okay, clearly a woman—is a natural redhead. She is displaying herself, but the men seem to be distracted. Is she displaying herself because she was ordered to? Trained to? Or is she willingly asking for attention? The man on the right seems as if he’s about to pat the young woman’s ass. He’ll be telling her: Don’t worry, my dear. I’ll won’t be ignoring you much longer.

Pharaohs Handmaidens by John Collier

Ahhh Yes, I remember well the days when I was a Pharaoh, and these three beauties were in my service. The one on the right is asking: do you need me Master?

Selling Slaves in Rome by Jean Léone Gérôme

This young woman is certain to bring a good price. Her clothes are discarded behind her, as she stands before the buyers. I see several hands raised. I wonder what roll is played by the young man in the lower left? Does he bring her and take her back to her cell? I wonder what perks he enjoys.

Jean-Leon Gerome (French , 1824-1904). Snake Charmer, about 1870. French, Oil on Canvas.

It’s not the snake she’s charming, its the snakes. I wonder what the young man is thinking i.e. the boy on the left.

Slaves For Sale by Gustave Boulanger

I wish I could read the girl’s sign. For Sale, plus some other choice words I imagine. He has a sign as well, so I guess he’s a slave too. He doesn’t look happy, but she seems to have accepted her fate.

Bargaining for a Slave by Giulio Rosati

If I owned her I’d drive a hard bargain too, so to speak. The buyer is putting on a tough face, but the seller is clearly holding all the cards.

Slave Market by Jean Léone Gérôme

Nearly every hand is raised for this young woman. I love her figure. The scribe behind her, the one with his writing instrument in his mouth, is certainly checking her out.

I’ve looked at this painting many times, but it wasn’t until today that I realized its story. This is not just a woman being sold. It’s a family—mother, four children, and perhaps a nanny. The oldest child seems to be a developing girl, and I don’t mean woman. Child porn, something I find repulsive, just for the record, seems to be subtly expressed in Léone Gérôme’s fantasy.

White Slave by Ernest Normand

Yes, a White slave indeed.

The Slave Market by Gérôme Jean-Léon

I know a man who is especially attracted to girls with straight teeth. This is another.

NY Fashion Week Spring 2012

September 26, 2011 2 comments

Ahhh, once again it’s New York Fashion week, and designers are taking advantage of young women who get paid little and will do most anything to try to make it as a model. One agent advised a nineteen year old trying to get hired to parade on the runway to lie and say she was eighteen—nineteen is way too old.

Then the girls, at least some of them, have to parade with their breasts bared for the viewing pleasure of the audience, many, if not most, men, department store buyers who ogle with delight.

Yes, I too am guilty, and so are you, but who can resist the allure of the female form. Enjoy!

Designer: J. Mendel


Designer: Zang Toi


Designer: Milano Unica


Designer: Charlotte Ronson


Designer: Carlos Miele


Designer: Adam


New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 – Sexy Fashions

February 11, 2011 3 comments

New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 is in full swing, and a few daring designers and models are willing to run the runway displaying their revealing wares.

Designer: Jason Wu, Model: Ginta Lapina, Photographer: Yannis

Jason Wu has “dropped the bras” as one reviewer commented. Here are two more Jason Wu originals.

Designer: Jason Wu, Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski, Photographer: Yannis

Designer: Jason Wu, Model: Hanne Gaby Odiele, Photographer: Yannis

Chloé, another fashion designer with a daring Spring 2011 collection.

Chloé, another designer who dares.

Victoria’s Secret got it right as its five billion dollar annual sales prove: sex sells but it’s got to be classy, not vulgar. American Apparel, on the other hand, perhaps because of its controversial ads is close to going bankrupt. How many women want to associate themselves with a company that advertises as follows?

American Apparel--Controversial Ad

Another controversial ad from American Apparel.

I love fashion week.

CMNF — Clothed Males Naked Females

February 8, 2011 9 comments

Winner--don't know of what--but she's a winner in my book.

I had an Internet girlfriend who was obsessed with CMNF, not only the idea of it but doing it in real life. She went to art school and loved being a model. Later she almost got in trouble being naked in a castle in the UK. I wrote a little about her in my post: A Castle Riddle

She started a CMNF web site where friends of hers would contribute photos, artwork, and stories based on the CMNF theme. I first wrote the story The Quarry for her. But the original version of The Quarry, the one I gave her, was not the one posted in this blog, which was only loosely based on the truth.

The true story was that a fifteen year old girl came to the quarry with her twelve year old brother, and the girl stripped in front of my brother, four friends, and me (we were in our twenties), and then she went swimming. Man, she must have been wet. And No, none of us ever touched her. None of us would ever touch a woman that young, not that we wouldn’t be tempted. We’re not that kind of guy. In fact, I believe any one of us would have given his life to protect her, if it came to that. That’s the kind of guys we are. But it didn’t come to that. We asked for nothing, and she showed herself to us, willingly, more than willingly, and we didn’t run away. The memory of her is burned into the neurons of my consciousness.

Mardi gras, New Orleans, Before katrina

It’s not the beads that gets her to lift her shirt for every guy with a trinket to offer. It’s their admiration, their lust, and having an excuse to stimulate herself without guilt, doing something usually forbidden. “But Mom, it was Mardi Gras!”

Yes, we humans are rationalizing animals, the female perhaps even more than the male, though the consequences of male rationalizations are far worse: murder, torture, war, genocide, rape…

And while were on the subject of rationalizations, what about PETA girls? I sympathize with their cause, though I’m an omnivore, and I applaud their sincerity, but come on: “Hey girls. Let’s go to the park, take our clothes off, and lock ourselves in cages. That will make people stop eating meat.”

Christmas Romp in the Snow

I  love this cute girl. She seems to be having so much fun. And what a figure!

Girl Having Fun Near Two Blind Men