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Jessica—Inroduction to a Transsexual

June 4, 2013 Leave a comment

As a transsexual, Jessica is lucky. She always had a loving and understanding family and friends. When I met her I was neither totally ignorant nor especially knowledgeable about transsexuals. I asked Jessica if she would mind me asking questions and telling me about herself. She understood that I was honestly curious, not voyeuristic, and she graciously agreed to educate me. Thank you, Jessica. I hope others learn as I did. Here are her words.

Nina Poon, transsexual model. Photo by David Shankborn

Nina Poon, transsexual model. Photo by David Shankborn

The first thing we notice when we meet someone is if they are male or female. If we meet a woman, she might have small beasts and a shaved head, but we still know she is a woman. A man might have a ponytail, be young and not have facial hair, but we still know he is a man.

When we are children we quickly know if a new playmate is a girl or a boy, and we don’t have to look in her diaper. And if we can’t tell from appearance we can tell as soon as we begin to play. Signals, conscious and subliminal, “tell” us.

We also know from a very young age if we are male or female—where we fit. We understand it implicitly, and it does not have to do with our genitals. Gender is our essence.

I am a woman and a transsexual. I was born with a penis but I had fem features and female behaviors, so my mom wisely decided to raise me as a girl. I take hormones off and on, and I started when I was young, once my mom decided I needed to start forming breast tissue. When I was fourteen I was a small B. At sixteen I had my first boob job, and then I was a C cup. I also got my lips enhanced.

I took hormones, for my boobs, to keep them natural looking, and also, since I was going through teen stages, to help keep my fem features. Thankfully, I was born mostly fem in the first place. The doc even said at birth that some of my chromosomes were mixed, and that’s why I was much more fem. It’s actually quite common. One estimate is one in every five hundred people.

Growing up at times wasn’t fun, but once things started to gel and I was accepted as a girl it turned out great. I was lucky to have such a supportive family.

I think of myself as interesting, and I’m fun to be around. I love being the center of attention and creating a stir. My mom, sis, and I love to go out and act flirtatious, showing off our bodies and being sexually outrageous, even being slutty.

It’s okay if you are ignorant about girls like me. If you’re honestly curious, I’d like to help you understand. It’s fine.

I have a penis, and it’s been amazing to be in the best of both worlds. Sometimes I think about getting a complete sex change. I’ve been think about it for the past five years, on and off, but I love being able to use my penis and have fun with it. It’s six inches when I’m really turned on, which is at the high end of average for a man.

I know that many people think that a woman like me is a man who is confused, but I assure you I am not confused. The only things that got confused were aspects of my physical development, early in gestation.

I hope I am helping you learn what you were looking for and helping you get a good understanding of my background and people like me.

I started school as a girl, teachers and some others knew, and I was accepted as a girl. As I got older some people knew and others didn’t. I didn’t want to freak anyone out, so I would get changed near my friends or in another part of the locker room.

To be specific, I do have a penis, it looks like a normal, and it is circumcised. I also have testicles, a scrotum, and a prostate gland, and they work normally. I ejaculate, and when I’m not on hormones I can shoot some nice loads.

At first, when I was on a hormone cycle, hormones did affect my ability to come. When I was off hormones I could come. But the hormones increased my puberty levels and helped transform me into more of a woman. I don’t have to be on hormones all the time, anymore.

As far as facial hair I was lucky, because I never developed much. I started taking hormone pills before I hit puberty, so maybe that helped, but, whatever the reason, I never got much body hair. What I do get I get waxed.

My family relations revolve mostly around my mom and sister. My father left us about a year or so after I was born. He came back a few years later, but he was too much into drugs and got into trouble, so my mom told him to leave us for good.

As long as I can remember I dressed as a girl. As I said, I was born more fem, and even the docs said I would turn out more fem. I understood from the beginning that I had a penis and other girls didn’t, and I accepted that I was different. My mom and family reassured me that even though I was different I was special. After awhile some friends found out, and others who knew me since we were very little knew and have stood by me ever since. I have had some bad times, but I grew up in a small and supportive community.

I have tons of close friends from back home, and they all treated me as a girl, and no one really looked down on me. There were five families who knew about my secret, and they were protective of me and my family. Others only knew me as 100% female. Now I have some close friends, where I live, and I meet most of my friends from growing up and other out at bars, clubs, and parties. They give me love and friendship.

No one looking at pictures of me would doubt that I’m a woman. I work out 5 days a week and run, and what they would see is a fantastic figure—narrow waist, wide hips, full buttocks, and outstanding breasts. Usually I have dark hair, but I have highlighted my hair and have gone blond a bunch of times.

Would I be willing to give up the sexual feelings that my penis gives me in exchange for looking like a traditional woman? Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve thought about it—I’ve thought about if a penis makes me less of a woman and about a surgical sex change operation. One downside would be that I might lose sexual feelings—the new organs would not have the same nerve connections that my penis does, and I love my penis, and, OMG, Yes, I love the feelings it gives me. It’s a big part, pun intended, of who I am.

When I was a kid I played with my friends, and it’s common for youngsters to play you show me yours and I’ll show you mine. My friends and I did that, and when I was older my friends and I experimented. When I was sixteen I went down on a girl, and she sucked my cock. We practiced on each other, and later a guy friend of ours joined us, and we all took turns on each other. So, I’m just an ordinary girl, a woman now, and I hope you can see me that way.